AccessReal 隐私和基础结构服务文档列表:

AccessReal Services Service Level Agreement
AccessReal Services Terms and Conditions
AccessReal Services CopyRights Dispute Policy
AccessReal Services Privacy Notice
AccessReal Services Data Protection Addendum

数据备份的目的是通过对重要数据进行备份以保护数据的安全,减少因数据损坏造成的损失,或适时提供系统的恢复,从而为云生产环境提供稳定可靠的IT支持和服务。This form does not exist

AccessReal System Monitor Process Flow_v1.1
To monitoring AccessReal infrastructure status by 24hours daily for make sure them running normally and be able to provide services for clients. The relative staff shall know and take actions once alarm/failure was detected.This form does not exist